Build your own Pi-Wallet



To build your own Pi Wallet you need to compile Armory for any Raspberry-Pi Distribution.


All in all you need to fullfil the following steps:
  • Get a Raspberry-Pi and the necessary equipment.    Raspberry Pi with equipment
  • Download and install a Linux Distribution of your choice on your computer.   Download Ubuntu
  • Download and install a Raspberry-Pi compatible distribution to SD card.    Download Raspbian
  • Download the uncompiled version of Armory.   Armory on Github
  • Install all necessary packages to crosscompile Armory. 
  • Modifiy all settings to that they match the crosscompile requirements.
  • Start crosscompiling. This can take up to one hour!
  • Transfer the compiled Armory to your Raspberry.
  • Now you need to install all for Armories required packages on the Raspberry Pi.
  • Fix all Armory caused errors.
But be careful if you download those packages directly from the internet the Pi could be compromised!
    For steps 5 to 9 you will need the following resources:
    • Bitcoin
    • Amex